Bitcoin online trading

As the popularity of the Bitcoin grew, it created an entire industry around itself, with many FinTech companies developing apps that allow to securely store Bitcoins, called wallets (take a look at 11 best Bitcoin wallet apps for iPhone and Android), Bitcoin ATMs and, most importantly Bitcoin exchanges and trading platforms. Bitcoin exchanges and trading platforms allowed people to exchange easily their Bitcoins into fiat money (US Dollars, Japanese Yen, Euros, etc.), or to buy Bitcoins in case they needed them for transactions or just preferred to invest in them, which, given the surge in their price, proved very rewarding.

While there are many Bitcoin exchanges, only a handful established themselves as reliable and trustworthy after several major incidents when people got their Bitcoins stolen from them or scammed, with the company that operates the exchange disappearing together with the coins that were kept on their platform by the users. Moreover, the best Bitcoin exchange and trading platforms by volume managed to attract more users doing transactions on them with user-friendly interface, availability of many functions and tools that allow investors to identify profitable entry and exit points and to exchange Bitcoins into different fiat currencies.